What We Do
Alisa's Angels awards scholarships and loans to graduating high school seniors who are "helping others". This video tells a few of their stories.
Alisa's Angels was founded in memory of Alisa, who believed it was important to take care of others "just 'cause it's what we were put on earth to do."
Scholarship recipients become part of the Alisa’s Angels family, where they are mentored, encouraged and supported.



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This video explains more about 

The Making of Alisa's Angels

2017 Year in Review:


  • 6 $5,000 scholarships awarded
  • More than $17,000 in student loans to scholarship recipients
  • 2 college graduates, bringing the total to 19 college graduates!
  • 23 in universities and colleges around the nation

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A different scholarship

Alisa’s Angels scholarship recipients have gone through a rigorous selection process. While financial need and grades are considered, the most important factor is what they have done in service to others. Some of their work:

  • Starting a nonprofit to build a school in Africa
  • Creating a grief support organization to help high school students who have lost parents
  • Starting a nonprofit to address bullying in middle schools

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