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Scholarship Application
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Scholarship Application

To be considered for a 2019 scholarship, you must complete the following form. 
The Submission Deadline is February 1, 2019.

There is no ability to save and return later. Read through these instructions before you begin.

You must attach a 750 word essay and your unofficial transcript through the 7th semester.

Your essay is an extremely important part of your application package. You (as the applicant) must be the sole author of the essay. It should describe a specific example or examples of your service to others. Be sure you address:

  1. Why you chose to serve in this way;
  2. The ways in which this service was significant to you;
  3. The impact your service had on others; and 
  4. How you intend to continue serving others in the future.

The essay must be no more than 750 words, double-spaced, and must be in MS Word (.doc) or Adobe (.pdf) format. 

In order for your application to be considered you must also have a reference. A teacher, counselor, faith leader or other individual who has personal knowledge or experience with your community service may provide the reference.The individual providing the reference must complete the online reference form available here. The reference must be completed by the submission deadline. Click here for the applicant reference form and instructions.

There is no ability to save and return later! Before you start:

  • Write and proof your essay.
  • Have an electronic file of your transcript. This may be a pdf (preferable) or jpg format.
  • Look through the form and make sure you have all information that you will need to complete the application.

By submitting your application, you certify the following:

  1. You are a senior in high school.
  2. You are the sole author of your essay.
  3. You understand that all application materials become the property of Alisa’s Angels Foundation and will not be returned to you. 
  4. To the best of your knowledge all information is true, accurate and complete.
  5. You give permission to Alisa’s Angels Foundation to use your name, picture and essay for the purposes of public relations and/or advertisement.

Scholarship Application
Personal and Contact Information

List any honors, awards or recognition you have received related to your community service, including the recognition, the organization and when it was received. If none, enter "None" in the field.


Attach your essay describing your service to others. It must be no more than 750 words, double-spaced and must be submitted in MS Word (.doc) or Adobe (.pdf) format. You (as the applicant) must be the sole author of the essay.


List your employment history including your position and responsibilities, your length of employment and the hours per week that you worked. If you need additional space, enter the information at the end of the form.

Community Service and Other Activities

List your participation in community service activities. Under "Estimated Total Hours" include the total hours you served that organization. Under "Description of Service" include your title if you had one, and a description of the work you did for that organization.

If you volunteered for more than 3 organizations, include the information in the space provided at the end of the form.

200 of 200 characters remaining
200 of 200 characters remaining
200 of 200 characters remaining

List any extracurricular activities or hobbies in which you participate, including the organization or club name, how long you have participated and the hours per week or month. If none, enter "None" in the field.

If you have any commitments other than those listed above that require your time during the week (such as family responsibilities), please describe them.

Financial Support for School

If you have been awarded other scholarships, provide the name of the scholarship, who provided it and the amount.
If you have not applied for other financial assistance, including other scholarships, please explain, including any impediments to your ability to apply.

How much financial assistance will you need for the upcoming academic year?

10 of 10 characters remaining
List how much you can contribute and how much your parents can contribute.

Describe why you need financial assistance.

Future Plans

Please list the colleges or other training institutions where you have you applied, the college/institution you plan to attend, and your anticipated major or field of study. 

How do you plan to continue your service to others during college and after?

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